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PracticeVital is the first-ever automated dashboard designed specifically to help group therapy practices better track and interpret their data.

Take a Peek Inside PracticeVital 
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Ditch the tedious spreadsheets

PracticeVital privately and securely pulls data from your EHR into a digestible, web-based dashboard that is refreshed automatically on a daily basis. 

  • No manual uploading or data entry
  • Simple, intuitive data visualizations
  • Secure and HIPAA compliant flow of data

Level up your practice overnight

PracticeVital gives you instant access to clear, meaningful metrics, eliminating the guesswork on how your clinicians are doing.

  • Assess clinician performance in real-time

  • Flag performance issues early and quickly

  • Motivate your team to meet and exceed their goals

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Gain big-picture insights

PracticeVital allows you to monitor trends over time, informing practice-wide decision making.

  • Coach clinicians toward longer term client retention

  • Manage and evenly distribute client loads among clinicians

  • Prevent burnout and improve employee retention

Build trust and transparency

PracticeVital gives you the tools you need to shape a culture of trust and open dialogue within your practice. 

  • Ground coaching conversations in the data as a starting point

  • Establish a culture of accountability around key metrics

  • Help clinicians maintain an up-to-date view on their performance

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The Dashboard Everyone is Talking About

PracticeVital is the tool I wish I had years ago! It makes collecting and sharing important practice metrics as easy as it could possibly be. The beautiful interface allows you to quickly get a visual understanding of the health of your practice and each individual clinician. It truly saves hours of time! PracticeVital empowers practice owners to make data driven decisions as they grow their practices.

When you can clearly see the story your EHR data is telling you, you'll know exactly how you need to optimize your practice. PracticeVital does this beautifully.

OMG I’m obsessed with this already!

This is like Christmas! LOVE having such an easy, pretty, powerful access to our data.

I love the dashboard! Now we have more clarity. We could not figure out a way to track cancellation rates before PV! We were tracking retention, but this tool is so much more efficient for us! 

I had one of those work retreats where I went away to work on my practice. I swear I spent three solid days trying to build a dashboard. I’m pretty tech-savvy, and I could not pull it off. Now we use PracticeVital in our practice, and it has been a game changer for us.

Long Term Gains with PracticeVital

Time back 

Win back the countless hours you spend managing spreadsheets and crunching numbers, and put that time to better use.

Internal Efficiencies

Simplify the flow of tasks and communications with your administrative team, as well as with your clinicians. 


Put the time and efficiencies you've gained into booking more clients and motivating your clinicians to meet their goals.


Get Started with PracticeVital Today

Complete the form below to get in touch with our team and book a demo. 

What You Can Expect

A brief kickoff call 

We'll learn about what you're looking for, answer questions, and talk through next steps to getting started with PracticeVital. 

Simple onboarding

Once we securely import your data, you'll complete a quick form so we can customize the dashboard for your practice.

Ongoing support

Our team is highly responsive, offering ongoing support and a complimentary training call once you're fully onboarded. 


No onboarding fee. No hassle. Cancel anytime.

Standard Pricing (5-20 clinicians): $18/month per clinician 

Large Practice Tiers (over 20 clinicians): Please inquire